Hola! Welcome to another expat mom’s blog!


It has taken me a real long time to start this blog. I didn’t know who I was doing this for but I realize, IT’S FOR ME, duh!!! All this time, I have been recording my kid’s milestones on pen and paper when I could have been doing this!? I could have been ranting on this instead of harassing my Facebook friends or not so close friends about my troubles!? I’m so glad I’m finally getting this started! I will be tracking my parenting experiences, my travel and cultural experiences, and really just LIFE experiences.

So is this where I start my verbal diarrhea??? Okay, for those of you who are unfamiliar with me (even though I’m sure most of you reading are my Facebook friends), my name is Aileen and I am currently in my second year of living in Santiago, Chile with my handsome husband and two beautiful children. Originally from Toronto, I must say, I miss that place every single day but I wouldn’t trade in where I am or where I am going just yet. Home will always be home and my love for Toronto is forever!

With my family spread around the globe and as an ex Air Canada flight attendant, I can confidently claim that travel is in my blood and apparently, it is in the genes! Santiago being my husband’s tenth post in his international career and our kids’ second post (mind you they are 3 years and 2 years old), we all have this travel bug in us. We lucked out and our kids are great travellers (not that they have a choice) but this will be where I will continue to track our adventures 😉

Thanks for reading!


Sir what? Cer…..clage! Pregnancy issues and a little TMI

So I haven’t blogged in a while… I thought about it and wished that I had the time to do so but it has just been too hard.

Currently it is 1:32am and I had just submitted an assignment for an online course. Yep. Motherhood, student life, pregnant hormones, a high risk pregnancy that requires me to be in bed, a sick toddler, another active toddler, a travelling husband, is all very very EXTREMELY exhausting and consuming.

Yes, I said it. Pregnancy. Four pregnancies in our four years of marriage! The baby factory ends here. This pregnancy, a gift from God, a total blessing and has been a roller coaster ride like all other pregnancies however this one worries me every single day because of our last experience. Two weeks ago, I went to emergency for pain and they found out that my cervix was short again. The emergency doctor said they needed to perform a cerclage on me. A cerclage, I’ve heard of it since it was what they wanted to do in my previous pregnancy with Ayla Serene but was too late to perform it at that time as the ideal time they say to do it is at 13-15 weeks. So, yes, I wanted to have it done but was nervous and scared as all procedures serve some sort of risk mostly to the fetus. I stayed overnight and met with my original doctor and would run more tests the next day and make sure that I was infection free and good to do to procedure. I had to have another different doctor (who creeped S out because he was very touchy, feely, rubbly to me) to perform this procedure since my OB/Gyn’s last time performing this procedure was 4 years ago……….. dot dot dot……. 4 years ago?!?!? ANYHOW, I was clear of infections and mentally preparing myself for the procedure.. only to find out that my cervix was not as short anymore (a dynamic cervix they call it.. fluctuates…). So they sent me home for a week.

I went to see a 4th doctor at a different hospital few days later. He told me I was funneling, the cervix is opening so I had to get the procedure done. He asked me why the other doctors hadn’t done it yet. I told him about the lengthening of the cervix again and inside my head I’m not thinking nice things of the doctors. Argg, but I was still mentally preparing myself. This procedure would give me a piece of mind. I googled the procedure… NEVER EVER GOOGLE A PROCEDURE THAT YOU ARE TO HAVE DONE.. why put yourself through that. In this case, you should Google cerclage images (if you’re not having this procedure done…) it’s graphic!!! It looked like it was a surgery for a flappy vagina forever.

I had my first epidural ever and man… I was scared. I’ve never not had any control over my own body like that before, other than sleep paralysis which doesn’t last as long as the epidural. I had a very nice anesthesiologist (Carlos de la Jarra) I hope I get him if I ever need anaesthesia again. Procedure went by fast and I was scheduled for 4pm and was done in 30 minutes or so and everything was good. S had to leave to watch the kids and I told him I was fine and not to come back until the next day (because I was fine and he needed to attend the kids). I tried not to drink water as I didn’t want to pee because I really didn’t want nurses tending me with the pan, I’m an independent woman ;). The doctor came at 9pm and told me I needed to urinate before bed and I was like damn, I was hoping to sleep… so I chugged a whole bottle of water (which I never do because I inherited a camel hump somewhere, somehow that never makes me thirsty). 10pm, I feel like I have to pee but I can’t… the pan is waiting beneath me and nurses are waiting on the side.. all this pressure.. from the nurses and my abdomen… I asked if I could try later and they said yes.

Couple minutes go by and I’m in excruciating pain. I mean EXCRUCIATING!! I called the nurses and the midwife came and administered medicine through my IV. I’m clenching on to the bed rails.. The pain feels like I’m in labour and I thought I was going to die (really..die or pass out). I managed to Whatsapp S..”You need to come PLEASE NOW”. Midwife comes in trying to locate my baby’s heartbeat. She can’t find it. Leaves her heartbeat locating device down on my meal tray and runs out of my room leaving me hanging alone and in pain. What the fuck (I’m thinking). Another nurse comes in and transfers my IV drip bags and puts it on a portable rack so I know I’m going somewhere. Is something wrong I ask? Then I think FUCK, THEY DON’T SPEAK ENGLISHHHHH. So with my non existing Spanish I ask PROBLEMA? (I make up a lot of Spanish words by adding “A”s in the end, it’s a bad habit but it works…)! She rambles on saying I don’t know what.. then I heard the magic word… BANOS… which means washroom so okay I can barely walk the 2 meters. She’s basically dragging me and I sit on the toilet and she runs the tap to help me urinate. Not working.. waiting and waiting.. Finally it comes… dripping drops.. I push harder but I shouldn’t be but I need relief and it’s helping. The slowest pee ever. The pain was gone when the urine was out… Midwife asks the nurse to measure the amount of urine and she replied with 1 Litre. HOW??!? I only drank 500 mL and they told me it was from all the IV… wow.. I thought I was going to die. It was more painful than any of my labours! S arrives just after all of this and I feel so bad because he was sick with a headache and cold but at least he made it in time to hear the heartbeat when they tried to locate it again after my bladder was deflated LOL!

So good news, we are alive and expecting! Please keep us in your prayers. I should be resting in bed the next 5 months. Perhaps I will blog some more later  this week while my husband is away on business if I’m not too busy with my kids and homework.

PS the food at the hospital was horrible! The first hospital at least brought me treats during tea time. It wasn’t healthy but it was chocolate and cookies and pastries..The second hospital… I guess is good since they can’t get you fat during your bed rest period. 😉

And no I haven’t announced my pregnancy on Facebook. I rather keep it on the down low this time and I know that if I don’t post this message on Facebook, it will hardly be read.

I just wanted to look back and laugh at this post one day. Welcome to Week 17

Another hectic week!!!

So it’s been over a week since my last post. Life has been so hectic so let’s get everyone caught up!

  • Our uninvited visitors are GONE! We finally got rid of them using poison! Yes, we caved and the natural ways just weren’t efficient or effective enough!
  • Our wonderful nana arrived 2 weeks ago and she’s been amazing.  My closets have never looked so neat and tidy! Layla loves her nanny and calls her Demma. Miss Bossy Pants goes to her bedroom and brings her figs and demands her to eat or sit and lay down. She babbles on like she’s got something really important and knowledgeable to lecture her on. It’s hilarious! I hope Gemma is enjoying her time here as well. She experienced some earthquakes and I know her family is worried about her being so far and all.  Fortunately, she’s been integrating pretty well into her new environment. We were able to find her a worship centre for her religion and a Filipino community to make new friends with and speak Tagalog. She was even able to get a Bip card (metro card). She’s going to see more of the city than I have! Great for her!
  • A friend of mine took us to Santiago’s first Chinese restaurant in La Florida. It was great! Authentic Chinese restaurants are hard to find. Very often, they cater their recipes to the Chilean palette so I’m really glad my friend introduced us to this restaurant. They used little MSG compared to the I-Ching restaurant we usually go to. It’s too bad that the restaurant was like 40 minutes away!!! To be honest, I don’t see myself going there often. It’s too far and we don’t exactly eat out often.
  • I’ve also been really busy with homework. I’m taking two online courses and the professors recommend that I set aside 10 hours a wk per course to do homework, readings, assignments and quizzes. Seriously, I was not prepared for that sort of transition. I am exhausted because I can’t really focus on my work until after 9:30pm when my kids are asleep. Yep… by then, I am a zombie and I no longer know if what I compose is even comprehensible. It’s so weird because I remember when I was in university,only  a handful of people with experience (professionals) would be enrolled in my classes and now, it’s like everyone is a professional and I’m the only one who’s currently a stay at home mom trying to get back in the game sometime in the near future. It can be intimidating.
  • Jaylon had his entry test for PreKindergarten on Saturday. As a parent, you can’t help but be nervous and pray for your child but I think it went well. He came back a happy child so that’s all that matters!
  • We bought our kids a Jeep! The little electric car of course, not an actual car. They love it. Godzilla there, I mean Jaylon, climbs on top of the plastic car… and I don’t know who decides to tear off the backlights (not even within 24 hours with the toy). My husband and I stand there wondering if this was a good idea. How can they treat their toys like that?!? We know they absolutely love it! Every morning, they wake up and point outside saying Jeep, Jeep!! When we’re done playing outside they want to bring the car in! I tell them NO! We already have a cozy coup in the house. I tell them, Daddy’s Jeep is outside so your Jeep has to be outside and then they’re good 🙂 Layla brings her dolls in the car and sits on the passenger side as she can’t comfortable reach the pedal yet.

PS there is more but I am going to save it for a next post! I’m too exhausted!!!


Flight attendant traits & skills I still use now as a SAHM

I decided to blog this because I’ve got flying on my mind and recently, I caught myself say “it’s the flight attendant in me” and I just can’t shed some of the traits or skills I’ve picked up along the way…

  1. Eating standing up. We have an island in the middle of our kitchen and I just can’t help eating over it as if it’s the galley counter. My husband frequently reminds me to sit down and eat. I can’t help it as I feel like I have to stop what I’m doing at any moment to cater to others (my kids mainly).
  2. Strategic Packing. I do all the packing for my family, maybe sometimes not ALL of my husband’s packing as he is sometimes particular about what clothes to bring. I strategize my kids snacks/meals, emergency clothes, toys during breaking down, electronic devices, charge cords, diapers & wipes (before they were potty trained), back up treats, which bag(s) to carry, how long to have the strap of the bag so it swings on perfectly on top of the stroller, complete toiletries for me and kids and etc. I take advantage of bringing liquids in (blame it on my kids) No, I don’t just throw them in my bag. There is a specific place for everything and I know exactly where everything is and it stays accessible in under the seat in front of me.
  3. Strategic Travelling. Similar to George Clooney in Up In The Air, we know exactly which line to go to, what shoes to wear, what accessories not to wear to the security check point. We know the fastest way to empty our stroller and which way to swing it close and on top of the belt. We got this shit on lockdown ;). I know which seats to choose to make it the most convenient for us.  Unfortunately, I love window seats but I had to sacrifice that for efficiency. Yes, we choose middle row seats now. Hubby and I are on the aisle with Jay in the middle and Layla as a lap-held. Easy access to the aisles, fast access with bathroom, food and drinks coming from both sides (that was my secret but we have to change our configuration with Layla now that she is no longer a lap-held). We are lucky we range from Star Alliance Gold Status and Elite Status and infant status, we basically get priority everything and we are just as organized! There was a time I took the two kids to Canada by myself and I had an agent tell me how efficient I was and that I should get the supermom award… I told her I use to be a flight attendant 😉 and my son is one of their youngest Elite members at not even 3 years old.
  4. Dealing with starvation. We didn’t always get to eat/drink when we wanted to. It gets late, exhausting, passenger call bells ring, last minute flight changes and etc. I still don’t get to eat and drink when I want to now but I’m okay with it. Like putting my passenger’s first, I put my kids first now. I can’t eat because I have to hold my clingy child, they don’t want to eat yet, I’m still cooking, I got held up cleaning, other I-got-held-up-being-a-mom-duties. My kids and I are all hungry and all I have is this one granola bar that I will split it between both of them.
  5. Budgeting skills. Let’s be honest, flight attendants don’t make the nicest paycheques. Yes, we get meal allowances, dry cleaning allowances, money for tipping cab drivers but we often save that money for elsewhere (okay not the tipping cab driver’s part). I am more than willing to buy something at the grocery store or McDonald’s to save as much of the meal allowance I can and certain uniform pieces are fine machine washed ;). If I am exhausted, I am willing to skip a meal (refer to number 4) to even save some extra bucks. Now that I’m a SAHM, it’s important to use my budgeting skills, gotta pinch from my clothing allowance for future retirement or education funds.
  6. Social skills. A.K.A. talking to people you don’t want to talk to or pretending that you care when you don’t or okay, just getting to know people you do care to meet. Yep, we often have to deal with those people…. and as an expat… yep… there are almost as many of those people around. Understand, when you live in an expat bubble you are exposed to some close distance drama and politics but luckily, we mostly meet great, friendly, helpful people we love to keep relations with.
  7. Punctuality. Not sure if it’s the flight attendant in me or the Asian in me but I did not try nor did I ever get written up for that. Tardiness actually gives me panic and anxiety attacks. Especially when it comes to being late for any kids’ activities too.
  8. First Aid/CPR/Defib. Fine, I’m outdated with my training but I get the idea and if anything happens, I’m gonna do my best with what I know.
  9. Safety Checks. A week ago, my daughter received a Melissa and Doug’s wooden cookie play set with icing, a cookie sheet, oven mit and the whole shebang for her birthday. My kids think they are bakers now and they put the cookies in my oven. Yep, I preheated my oven with those cookies in there. Luckily I caught it and from now on, I will conduct oven checks for foreign matter like we did onboard.
  10. Hotel Check. I still lift the covers to see if there are any nail clippings and hairs on my sheets before I unpack our bags.
  11. Firefighting. We don’t own a fire extinguisher at home or other protective breathing equipment but I would know how to conduct a tactile search to find the fire and know how to use an extinguisher. LOL I just had to add this in because it was one of my favourite parts of the training.
  12. Serving people/my kids. If I take the time, yeah I can make the meal look pretty appealing like in J class, the executive first class. Let’s face it though, my days are usually like rapidairs, my kids demand service all day long. There usually isn’t a choice for meals either but I give them their plates like I toss trays, no time to French serve.
  13. How to restrain an unruly passenger, husband, child. Just kidding!!! Seriously though the next one I find is the most important and useful element of not only being a mom but being a person.
  14. Ability to take charge. Don’t wait around. There’s nothing to wait for. Just do it. Especially if someone needs help and especially if it’s your life.

That’s all I can think of now… Maybe I’ll add more and repost in the future. xoxo Love and respect to all flight attendants. You are not just a waitress in the sky. 😉


Why I became a flight attendant


One of the perks as a FA is getting to sit in the flight deck for take off and landing. I’m just posing here after landing though 🙂

Coming from a family of 6, air travel wasn’t much of an option for us. It wasn’t until 12 years old that I remember my first flight to Hong Kong via Vancouver to visit my mom and sister. From then on, I pretty much spent my summers in Hong Kong, lost my best friends every summer to other best friends they had made during the 2 month break.

Travelling on planes was exciting but I grew up hating airports. I always tried to hold back my tears going to the airport and start balling when I saw us approaching the structure. I guess it’s the idea of saying bye to someone, either my parents, my siblings, my friends or boyfriend and leaving our dog, Spicy behind and not knowing how or if the relationship will be the same when you come back. Once I got on the plane, I’d still shed some tears but get distracted by the entertainment system or the thought of where I am going. Becoming a flight attendant help me overcome that sadness. I grew to love the airport. I found it relaxing to lounge by the gate and watch the birds get loaded/unloaded, deplaned, board and who doesn’t love watching takeoffs and landings?

I never thought highly of flight attendants. I thought they were unhappy, uneducated, and never knew the answers to my questions. Ironic that I became one but only to prove my initial thoughts wrong. It all started in university. I worked hard, I liked working and being pretty financially stable and independent. I worked two jobs and went to university full-time.  Never really got to travel even though I always wanted to. I also didn’t want to blow my hard-earned money on travel expenses so becoming a flight attendant was on the back of my mind.

One day, my (boy)friend (at the time) and his family were having a meal and his parents always had a paper at the table or nearby and we came across and Air Canada cattle call.  His mom suggested it to him and he laughed while I grabbed the ad to take a second look.  I’m going to go for it! I went to the cattle call, he went with me only to support me and it worked out. I met 2 girls in front of me and 1 girl behind me and I was the only one who got called back for round 2, language test. The line up was so long that my boyfriend had to leave me in the middle of the fair as he had to work in the evening. It all worked out and I got called for round 3.

Initial training was an intense 7 weeks from 1pm-9 or 10pm depending if we were willing to shorten our breaks.  I studied for my university exams every moment I could and I pulled all nighters to study for both school and work. I was so exhausted that I shut my eyes for a minute on the simulator and got written up for it (I wasn’t even sleeping and I was just waiting for other people to finish their tests as I was already done -didn’t think it was that serious). It was a lot. I told my dad I can’t do this, I’m going to have to forfeit my job or my degree (if I failed my final exams) and my dad listened and supported me. I told him, I’m going to study hard for school first and if that doesn’t allow me to study for my training exams and practicals then so be it… I passed both!

I obtained my Bachelor’s of Human Resources Management and I started flying.  I loved flying but thought maybe I should start looking for HR jobs since that’s what I studied.  I had an interview on Bay Street for an HR position. The woman and I discussed about Generation Y and the lack of commitment, I told her that the lack of commitment is reciprocal and it’s companies not committing to their employees.  They often start with temporary/contractual status so they don’t have to provide job security and benefits i.e. health and dental (The position was a contract job). She offered me the position and it was higher pay than my flying job but I rejected it. I wasn’t ready to leave full health, dental, and travel benefits for me and my parents. I got paid to travel! I got to visit my family in Hong Kong on average once or twice a month (thanks to my route language and reserve), I got to visit my friend in LA, my brother in Halifax,  I got to see a bunch of places I have never been to and not to mention meet my soulmate/love of my life/ father of my kids, you get it 😉


Celebrating my 22nd birthday during training in 2007 phase 2 class 2.

Sure, I missed out on birthdays, parties with friends, Fridays/Saturday club nights and holiday meals. I got to replace Thanksgiving, Christmas meals with McDonald’s, already made meals at the grocers, eating with people I just met or romantic dinners on Valentine’s Day by myself but I got to see different places and hangout with some really amazing people in my crew. So many flight attendants are educated and professionals. I’ve learned so much about people and becoming more open-minded and accepting. Of course there’s some downsides to flying, you don’t always get to go where you want to go, no layovers, the long duty days and some abuse and harassment you may experience but overall, now that I am done flying, I surely appreciate the pros a lot more than I did when I was flying.

Our first Deerlake with Luciana

Our first YDF with Luciana

Visiting my brother in Halifax after flying my parents down on my passes

Visiting my brother in YHZ after flying my parents down on my passes

Having lunch with my sis and her fam before the flight I met my husband on

Having lunch with my sister and her family in HKG before operating the flight I met my husband on

Visiting my Grampa in HKG before my flight to YYZ

Dim sum with Aaron & Grampa in HKG before operating my flight to YYZ


Flew with my best friend to LHR to attend his cousin’s wedding 🙂

Flying on passes to Raleigh with my pregnant sister, bro in law and adorable niece!

Flew on passes to RDU with my pregnant sister, bro in law and adorable niece to hit the beach and ice cream!


2nd night without my partner in crime

Another night without the divide and conquer.  I am exhausted. The hardest part is getting what I need to get done around the house while serving and protecting my children aka EVERYTHING is hard. Today, we ran out of caulking and so the kids and I used big clear tape to tape the holes around the house to prevent the ants from coming in (who knows how long that’ll last). We played Hungry Hungry Hippos without balls, watched some Toy Story, built some rails.  I showed my kids a Robalo (my new fav, white fish) while I made fish soup. The kids wanted me to put the fish down and into the water, sadly they didn’t know it was a part of tonight’s dinner. I’ve completed two loads of laundry today. Seems kind of excessive since I also did two loads yesterday. I love doing laundry now because it all dries within a couple of hours outside in this climate (until winter comes). The entire house has been swept or vacuumed and just needs to be mopped before I go to bed. Not bathing the kids tonight unless something happens from now until bed time.

(note: I wrote this draft earlier, and I didn’t end up mopping the floor or bathing the kids even though something happened from then until bed time)

Without my hubby, I realize there’s a few things that make me miss him extra much!

1. No one to secure doors, windows, gates and close curtains at night (but me)

2. No one to finish all the food I prepared (I put a frozen pizza in on top of the dinner I cooked as per Jaylon’s request but only the crust of two slices out of eight slices of pizza was eaten)

3. I do laundry and do not have any extra big clothes to put away or socks to pick up from the floor (not too bad)

4. No one to kill ants in the hard to reach places

5. No bus boy at the end of the night to do dishes

6. No back up (i.e. forcing my kids to brush their teeth)

I really don’t know how some moms do it. Heck, sometimes I don’t even know how I do it! *pat on the back but not really because I’m too tired to reach around*

P.S. 15 more hours until Gemma arrives. I hope she’s not afraid of the condition our house is in!



Our weekend & preparing for a new member of the family!

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted and I miss it. Blogging can be quite therapeutic, the way swimming, chocolates, and shopping is to me but easily accessible, cheaper, and less calories. 😉 These few days have been hectic, weekends are the best and busiest! We tried to squeeze in as much family time as we could before hubby left for Boston last night. Not to mention we were killing ants, filling our refrigerator, preparing for Spencer’s trip, trying out a Korean restaurant I’ve been craving a dish from and of course, some online shopping, and shopping to prepare for the arrival of our new family member!

YES!!! New family member!! Our Nana, Gemma arrives tomorrow afternoon!!! After months and months of agony! I mean, contracts, visa papers, exiting papers, she is finally coming from the Philippines! We are so excited to have her come so this weekend, we went shopping for her bed linens, bathroom linens and a pair of indoor shoes (Yes, I asked her fav colours and shoe size). We are ready! I hope she will like it here and that we can make her feel like she’s home. She’s worked for other expats out of Asia so I’m hoping she’s a little more familiar with what I prefer. Finally, she speaks English!!!! So no more charades and no more being shy of asking for what I want and correcting ways of doing things. It’ll be great and less cooking and cleaning for me!

This weekend was stressful but we managed to have some down time. We tried a Korean restaurant (Gaon) that I’ve heard mixed reviews about but I really wanted to try it because it had the Korean dish (Gam Ja Tang) that I have been craving! Someone pointed me to their site and I saw it on the menu and and obviously without prices. Like most restaurants here in Chile, they don’t open until 1ish for lunch and 8ish for dinner so I fed the kids before (they eat at 12pm and not that Jaylon would eat that sort of food with his picky palette). When we arrived to the restaurant, there was no parking (welcome to Chile) and I took Jay in to get seated first as Layla was still napping in the car. It had a very nice environment, looked clean and a lot of Korean diners so it must be pretty good.

We ordered what we were craving, bulkogi and gamjatang and some house juice and it did take kind of long. Unfortunately, both dishes only came in two people servings so it was a lot of food! Layla really enjoyed the bulgoki. The total meal cost us 90USD which is more costly than the other Korean restaurant we go to but perhaps gamjatang is that hard to make. In Toronto, 1 serving of gamjatang is 10 bucks plus tax then multiply that by two and here, it was multiply that by another two and some more and it wasn’t the same as in Toronto but still good. I probably won’t be going back unless I really wanted another dose of the soup. As a real bad Asian, I didn’t take any pictures of the food or the restaurant. Fail. I know. It’s hard with kids and when you’re starving. Maybe next time!

My other activity was to shop online, mainly Amazon to see if I can ship anything to my hubby’s hotel while he is in the States. There are some things that I want and it’s impossible to find in Chile or costs an arm and a leg but I find it really hard to purchase without  seeing or knowing exactly what I’m getting especially after reading the online reviews. When the product gets a bad review, you wonder if you’re gonna be stuck with the same problem and it’s harder for us because we wouldn’t be eligible for the free return once he brings it back to Chile so I decided to wait and I’ll get it another time. Too bad I already sent him with an extra suitcase… 😦 sorry babe, at least we won’t get charged for the extra suitcase :).

Well that was our weekend! Let’s start the countdown! 1 day until Gemma arrives, 4 more days until Hubby returns!!

Lonely… but not really

This expat package comes with all the pros and cons. When you sign up to live in a place with no friends and family, you make friends and turn them into family even though they have their own friends and families.

Everybody’s scenario is a little different. You have the trailing spouses of entrepreneurs, CEOs, management, ambassadors, and then the educators’ trailing spouses (a whole array of classes of trailing spouses ;)) however we all have something in common. We’ve left our family, friends and anything else behind to fully support and help in the success of our significant other, our family.

Then there are the couples with no kids or independent kids (been there briefly when I was in Vietnam), the ones with young kids (me now) which doesn’t give me much freedom to meet people, travel or do things, and then there are the ones with school aged kids (me, not too far from now) who have some time to themselves while the kids are in school but not a minute more when their kids are done school thanks to homework and after school/extra curricular activities.

I’d have to say that this stage is the hardest,  my kids need me so much it’s hard to get things done and have time for myself especially when my husband works long hours and has business trips, business/networking dinners and long meetings.

It can get real lonely, real fast even with my two kids who keep me on my feet. I actually let my kids stay up later with me so that I’m not so lonely when my husband’s gone (this won’t work when kids start school). Thank goodness for technology as I try to keep in touch with my friends and family back home everyday. It is difficult  though because everyone’s lives keep going. They work, they have their own families, there is a time difference, nothing stops for you.

I spend most of my days doing chores, preparing food, offering food, cleaning up and a good day is when my kids eat and the house looks decent and I’ve got happy kids. Life will be so much easier with a maid which by the way we are still waiting for her arrival. 😉 I won’t be as lonely then! I specifically hired one from Philippines so that we can communicate without Google Translate and charades. It gets tiring you know?!

Don’t get me wrong with this post, I’m not depressed lonely or anything but I just crave an adult conversation and not conversing about colours, shapes, and animals. I also do make efforts to schedule playdates and invite my neighbours over but if you know me… I use to require A LOT more than that in my social life ;).